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one Eyed One-horned flying purple eater

Ok, so I had to go the Emergency room, well not had to go, but here is what happened, I woke up and could not move my right Arm, I was crippled up, and it was not getting better, I saw some stuff online that it could last for months, well that bs. so I just started working on healing, but then I got to thinking maybe it  is out of the socket. so I did a search online and found a page, on what to do if your arm comes out of the  socket when your can not get to a hospital, so I tried it, it was very painful and could not get the whole rotation completed, It looked like a crease on that arm, that the other did not have, and there is a partial dislocated. anyway, I went to the doc, [...]

I am pissed, well truly disappointed in healthcare in America

Ok, so I have been having these health issues for quite sometime.  I have been to the Emergency room 4 times  with heart problem, well they did not find anything, but my  chest had been feeling very uneasy, with dizzy spells and just lethargic at time. I drink coffee by the gallon. they have said on several occasions, I have a slow heart beat, I just have not felt right, but the soldier that I am keep powering through, I mean I can work and hike all day no problem, but when I am at rest, is when it gets bad, so I had been thinking all in my head,  but even when working, i had neck spasms, that were debilitating, one time up on a beam, I had to hug the beam to not fall. I had been feeling funny and saw a facebook [...]

Praying a novelty or asking God for a favor?

I personally do not believe in prayer, at least for petty issues, I know I have prayed in the past, like the time, I was driving the ALCAN highway and was getting low on gas, after stopping in a small town and filling up on Litres, back then, I had no Idea litres, were not gallons, not even close, anyway, I prayed to make it to a town with reasonable gas prices, and that is where I  memorized the lords prayer, at least the denomination of the lords prayer in that bible. Deliver us from the Evil One is the way it ends,  and for thine is the Kingdom the Power and the Glory. anyway, the only other time, that I had asked was when I quit drinking, I do talk to god, well he does not actually talk back, for instance. Recently I was [...]

Happy Anniversary to me and my better half

Wow 32 years, who would have thunk, that I could ever have a "normal relationship" let alone stay married to the same woman for 32 years, well that is not exactly true not is it Richard? well... you got me there, but I refuse, to use the subsequent date, maybe I am stubborn, or just stupid, maybe a little of both. I will not go into too much detail, but I will share some of the sordid details of my transformation from a drunken cad of a husband to a loving father and husband, and my own opinions on the subject. Marriage, is not an easy thing, just like anything worth having it takes work, at least in my case. We had made a pact to quit the party lifestyle and raise our kids, well, I broke the deal many times, I remember it like [...]

Arizona living, the good life or burning in Hell

Well that is profound, nothing is ever that cut and dry.  that reminds me, how much I do love Arizona, my love of a place, usually has nothing to do with the people, and Ariona is not exception. The key is sometimes government has much more to do with my perception of a place and its livability. The first time we moved here was in 1989, right after me and sweet mary got married in Las Vegas at Circus Circus.  yeah you heard me right, I called the preacher shitfty, because of how his eyes kept darting back and forth, I have since learned this is what people do when they are unsure of something, well he got that right, sweet mary was fresh off her fathers passing, and I was a full blown alky, with a nice 50 grand from fishing in Kodiak. I [...]

I am my past, not still, but without it… I am nobody, nothing, maybe just dust in the wind

We are our pasts, for me, I embrace, the good the bad the ugly.  I will not shame away, but stand proudly against all invaders, good or bad. that sums up me past thoughts, thinking, stinking, thinking I am not the person I was before I quit drinking, nor  am a person that never drank. Nor, will I cast blame, it was me, for good or bad. it was me.  am I still the same person? yes, it was me. does my past define me, Yes it does, and I embrace it. Have i changed, YES o yeS, IT IS TRUE. i HAVE GROWN UP AND OUT OF MY PAST SKINS, but they are me, were me. still reside within me. without my mistakes, I may be oblivious to the Repercussions that come with some behaviors and actions. AND believe me, I do not want [...]

good times bad times, where the hell does it all end?

I am a firm beliver in riding out the bad times and enjoying the good times, but this is ridiculous. I know Walmart Home depot and all the hospitals that are involved in the pandemic are raking it in hand over fist, but their workers are getting paid peanuts, so we can buy cheap Chinese tools, and they have to wear a mask, criminey i have been going through s0me tough times of my own, mostly trying to keep my happy dumb go lucky view of life and its twist and turn. My dark side comes out now and then, so I try  not to write much... but I am bored out of my skull, no excitement just the same old bullshit.  the Trial of Trump, it is already a forgone conclusion, he will be like John Gotti, only they will call him the teflon [...]

the past should be left in the Past?

Yes, for  sure, if you want it to repeat over and over, as it has many time, not only in history, but in life. We must embrace the past, our past and all before us, We are a War like creature, that is the past, there is little peace times, except, when stagnant, under the rule, of another, for instance as the Native American is now, yes it is history, Alaska was purchased lock stock and barrel from the Soviet Union. Alaskan Natives, served this country and died for this country, yet they are still second class citizens in the minds of the ruling elites. rights to land, they can not use. do you think your abuser is going to all of sudden change? American has been using Native vs Native for ever, and ever. back to the Seminole Wars, the Apache Wars, they will [...]

what the hell am eye eating now, or what is eating me?

Ok, so my diet has been making me feel real good, down to 170 lbs, give or take a few, still stuck at that weight, but I am shooting for 160, as that is the recommended from the government that sells sugar and flour poison to the masses I am still eating beef, love the stuff, but am trying to move to grass only beef, which his a better meat and has less poison, and cost more, but having a hard time saying no to  beef, I have been eating more salmon, some farmed, as it has higher Omega 3's, I know it is betrayal to all the fisherman, but it was a health and money choice. I have never liked salmon as a regular food, but have embraced it as a regular meal, and I am also eating pickled herring, it is delicious. they [...]

failure as a parent, yes I have failed, and failed as a son

My biggest failure, is one that I WAS UNAWARE OF,  food is medicine, and poison.  The Internet is the greatest things to ever happen in my life, besides becoming a father, yet it came too late in the game, to save my own father or to be able to ensure that my offspring, would live healthy lives, not only healthy, but vibrant lives, the toxins we put into our bodies in the form of sustenance is sickening. The lives we are programmed to live, toxic.  I keep thinking of Walt Frizzell and Joe Warwick, they worked themselves to an early grave, I mean no diss on thier lives, They both produced loving families, and were very loved, both were working to death do us part with this life. I learned this too late for my father, he too had eaten his way to an early [...]

murder by cortisol? can it be true

What would you do if I sand out of tune? would you stand up and walk out on me? We may all feel like everything that we say or do is wrong, is it? can we be hopelessly MAD?   can I only be happy without stressors? why even go on, is it all worth it? are all the homeless people on drugs, or mentally unstable?  or are some of them just, tired of all the bullshit we go through to maintain " the white picket fence existence" . We have become so entrenched in this as the "norm"  can we just accept a miserly existence, if it keeps up the façade of a successful life? what to think when things, just diapear out of thin air, my lens for my  dslr camera, has disappeared into thin air, my hunting knife, also has disappeared [...]

one last political bullshit post, then I will shut my pie hole

I do they they need to get to the bottom of the Capital debacle, not sure if going after an EGO driven TRUMP, who espouse this Media attention, It does seem to be alot of vengful rhetoric, from Political Hacks, is this the right move, do bring Americans together, this nimskil, thinks not, but I's just one sheep of many who have had enough, maybe he should be, but I would insist on his pulpit, also being held accountable, Twitter and Facebook, whom have shown the ability to censor, whomever they please, for whatever they please. NOW after years of Nonsense, they censor, him after the crime of being able to manipulate, millions of sheep? in a Charles Manon like attack on the Capitol? maybe a witch hunt to find all the people who voted for trump and having them charged as an accessory, The [...]

good news, I gess

well, I figured it all out, my thryroid is failing, but it does not require a doctor,  just supplements, so all of my paranoia has been resolved, but the world still sucks, well at least the whole corona virus bs. and no work coming down the pike, just cheap crooks, or worse self-managed general contractors, biggest waste of time and money to deal with, espessially the wanta beees  🙂   waste of my time, but we shall see. something will pop up.

Help me Dktor im dyin, just a sec let me see what the manual says :/

Symptoms, shmimtoms, who needs them, your  TSH levels high, but your T4 is ok, so all your Hypothyroidism is all in your head, or your heart, or your dry flaky skin, or your nails, that are brittle, or perhaps in your hair that refuses to grow, much..... yeah that is the consensus That is not the worst part, it gets better, or for worse, 🙂 anyway, this all started a year ago, well about 15 months ago, diagnosed by some testing place, I had hypothyroidism, then again in the Emergency room, after my heart was feeling real freaky, but then they have some Indian stooge call me and say, no you dont have it, your fine. I go on  my merry way until this year, about 3 months ago, I noticed my heart acting weird again, and the lazy syndrome, which I just pushed through [...]

places I have lived, well been alive?

I have lived in California, Alaska, Washington and Arizona, I like to call my self a Westcoaster. I am very grateful for having  aged in California, I really have no grown up, as of yet, just ask anyone, who thinks they know me :/ My personal growth started in Anchorage, at the beginning of 1996, well not really, I think it started in Kodiak, Uganik bay, or perhaps on the boas, that is where I did very little drinking, but truthfully, until I was able to open my eyes, was not until 1996, and a year of AA meetings everyday, I went to them religiously, but this is about places i have had my body. My favorite, has to be California of the 70's grateful, because there was not the whitewash brainwash, schooling of the Indian or Native States. California, it was hip to [...]

RIP facebook friends 🙁 gone but not forgotten…

Randy Long Randy Long, I played football with Randy, he was tenacious, small in stature, big heart, Randy was always a stand up man, to the end. my regrets, that I did not visit him when I was in Las Vegas, for  a baseball tournament, Randy was a gangster from the old School. he had your back, would not hesitate or waver, Randy had 2 twin sisters and was very loved by his whole family. Stand up to the end. RIP Randy Long.  C.C. Gene Delgado I fished with Gene on the Bertha Marie with Ivar Malutin, Gene was a bad ass Alaskan, and Hawaiin, Ivar called him Pineapple 🙂  he was a fun guy, non-stop action. I remember the time we were dried up in the skiff in Kaluda bay? not sure, but on the other side of Larsen Bay, Me the kid from California, [...]

Uganik a place in time

last time, I was reminiscing about when my whole family drove the Alcan highway with 5 kids, 2 dogs and a goat in an old rambler station wagon. I remember my uncles Petes face, like it was yesterday. I remember the seagulls, the grass, the streams, I remember the often punishing skiff rides across the bays. I remember having a big crab bake, The Tents. the Eagle, the toy wooden cars with corks for wheels, Teddy Pestrikoff and his little cabin, inside he had a glass with a naked lady, or a lady with a bathing suit. such and adventure The next time, I remember Kodiak, was when me, my dad and my brother Tollak, John Tollak, went fishing, you know, I think I was just an appendage, because, I never remember working, or doing any work, I just remember that little Aqua jitney [...]

bombarded with bullshit 24/7 when does it all end?

Well, I for one am sick of all the political bs, yes even my own, but I feel a need to whine, or for some wine. I do believe it is an eye  for an eye now, the whole fraud at election, stole the election propaganda, but on the other hand, all is fair in love and WAR. I am more concerned at how biased our Media, and deceitful it has become. We subscribe to the Local rag, yet, there is little fairness, half the paper is filled with columnist that are on the democratic sticker side, these are ok, in the editorial, but they are filled through the  paper in the way of legitimate NEWS. biased news is not Legitimate. it I did not love drinking my morning coffee every morning with a paper in my hand, we would cancel, and say goodbye [...]

Interview Granny tape 1

Granny talks of bears, a goat, cannery jobs, travel, adversity, Cancer, positive thinking, God, eating bear meat in, ahkiok, here by happenstance, depends on individual, dad and gramps enter room. She talks of being liked, but liking herself, not being depicted as devious. Wanted kids to be good people, close family. Stepping in after family disturbance between siblings. Happy big family 24 grandchildren. Richard has a child, eldest son, namesake, youngest having babies. Natalie Aleut, having baby. Uganik: statehood. Fish traps, livelihood, gill nets. Almost wiped out by fish traps. Gramps always dreamed of living out of town, Freddy went to Sheldon Jackson. Watchman at cannery at Uganik. 14 miles from cannery cottonwood. Fish in summer. Grandchildren in summer.  2 of them.  Male nurse? Mick? Natalie and Diana, always. 1960 to 1974 six months a year, lost boys Freddy 71, Peter 1973-4 memories too [...]

ooops too much, is too much

Ok, one of my favorite foods is prime Rib, last night, I showed no more restraint than our dogs, maybe that is why my sweet mary calls me the "big Puppy"  I think I gained 10 pounds, most of which came out down under this morning, but I do think I solved my chest pain issues, more likely stomach issues, than heart, as I have pushed it pretty hard, and it seemed to get stronger, I am not a doctor, but I play one in my real life.) well happy new year?  for who? you?  I think I have to figure where to get in line, for food stamps, as in Arizona, the good jobs are relegated to the illegal clans from the south, at least if I wanted to work as an insignificant slave. ok look at this picture Land on the right, Salt [...]

crash bam, can still take a punch, or at least get up after tasting pavement

had a run in today with some blacktop, I have been roller blading with my dog, he is a big German shepherd, well today, things went a little awry for me, he pulls like a beast a full gallop, I was heading down a hill with him pulling me through a parking lot transition, he caught sight of a little dog, it was to late, for me, got caught on my heels, slammed head first into the pavement, I hopped right up, some lady was yelling "Are you alright" I was yeah ok, bleeding from my head, I got out, embarrassed, and battered. I had planned to go on an extended trip, and did not hesitate to finish my route, much to shock of a few bystanders, finally the blood dried up, and just looked like a dirty face 🙁  what wack on the [...]

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